Friday, November 23, 2007

Worries?? No More..

I never want to face "that" again.. I hate the place, hate the environment, hate the questions, and hate the answer.. Why is it hard for that person to make the decision?? Sigh.. Do I have to wait for something / someone that I don't feel like seeing for the time being??

I hope after the decision is made, I'll never ever face that question again.. ;(

Does it really matters?? If others are willing to accept it, why that person (who think "i have the power") felt it's a burden to make the decision??

I was there the whole morning.. I've seen and heard 1001 problems from all the people there.. I thought I met someone I knew also.. But he must have his own issues to solve ;(.. To YOU, if you ever read this, be strong no matter what ok.. And I didn't hear a thing that day, don't worry. ;) I was busy thinking "is that Z? nah... but then again, it's really you!!

Life...... will never be purrrfect.
We just have to live in it, make it a better place for us, for our future, and our cicit2 ;)
Try to be as positive as we can..

As my mom said, I am more keras hati than my bro.. ngeh ngeh ngeh

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