Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A nite for gift and material hunting

We had an appointment with the planner at 8pm tonight.

His mom reached my house at 5pm so I asked her to buat macam rumah sendiri.. huhuhu.. Lucky for me, she did buat like her own place.. Syiok tengok aunty lepak.. I reached home at 6.30 while sayang arrived about quater to 7..

We first went to PK*NS to survey the doorgifts.. Hmm, my mom found something that she likes so much.. Boleh tak, straight away she book the doorgift for the nikah event?? hahaha.. I kinda not agree to that lah, sebab ingat nak survey2 lagi.. ;) but she said, "ko ingat ko nak kawin lagi 2 tahun, we have no time lah sayang oii".. OK, she's the boss kan.. So, pasal gift2 ni mmg keputusan muktamad dia lah.. ;)

His mom found another gift here yang dia berkenan.. ;) So dear fiance dah pening.. Which one to get.. My opinion, the first one looks more classy but 2nd one more convenient.. ;) Baby fikir2 dulu ok ;)

Then shoot to SA*CC Euro*moda for the sanding material hunting ;) Waaa, banyak kain yang planner keluarkan.. So I have to be the model lah.. After 2 hours searching (sampai org tu dah vakum2 ok), we got what we one.. ;) agreed by all parties.. hehehe.. Alhamdullillah..

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