Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kain Kain

Last Saturday we (me, him and our mums) went to get the kain2 for the maid of honour, bridesmaids, my grandma, his usherette and mine too ;) Also the bunga pahar for the akad nikah pelamin.. Owh, the ribbons for the penolong2 majlis nanti.. huhuhu.. At least people know who ask questions to.. ;)

The jalan2 update:
  • He supposed to reach SA at 10am, but he called me saying he will be late.. Hmm, dah alang2 nak guna Swift and dah lama baby Swift to tak mandi, I went to carwash at Sec 13.. I tot of checking the tyre pressure (since the day b4 raya incident still freaks me out) but orang depan tu terhegeh lah..
  • We reached there about 12 and by the time we ready to leave dah malam lah.. huhuhu.. Ganaz betul tengok dua orang mak shopping untuk anak2 nak kawin.. ;)
  • I did not managed to get even a bite of food.. Pukul 5 baru dapat makan.. Pergh.. Shopping nyer pasal kan..
  • We went to few kedai kain and patah balik to the first one.. ;) I like the lace at the 3rd shop but the satin is not nice ;(
  • We got the kain for maid-of-honour, bridesmaids, my nenek and usherettes including extra kain hunting for me and my mom ;)
  • He's interested in something (doorgift item - nak explain pun tak reti), but will go there again to get it.. Itu lah, mama cakap bawak naza taknak.. sheesh..
  • We sesat for a while masa carik makan.. so our journey was Selangor, N9, Selangor, N9 and finally malam back to Selangor.. hahaha..

Malam tu ada open house aunty Ani kat Sri Damansara.. Jalan2 lagi.. hehehe.. Malam tu we sorted the kain2 (his side and my side) then dia pun nak balik dah.. Owh, his mom accidentally took my bag ;)

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