Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Iklan Petronas?

While I was thinking of what to write of my blog journal, the Raya advertisement from Petronas caught my attention..
The first son asked another family member, "Ayah mana?"
The girl answered, "Ayah ada kat luar tu.. Teringat kat Mak kot"
The son, being all in Raya mood, went outside and meet his father. He asked, "Ayah buat apa kat luar?"
The dad smiled. He pointed his finger to a birdie and asked, "Burung apa tu?"
The son replied, "Burung Murai"
This QA repeated for 3 times.. and really getting into his son's nerve. He then told his dad, "Ayah ni memang tak dengar ke atau saje buat2 tak dengar? Ayah nak saya buat apa lagi?"
The dad, still smiling, gave him a book and said, "Baca ni.."

With curiosity, he read a journal in the book.. His late mom wrote about an event that is very meaningful for her.. He actually did the same to his dad when he was still a lil kiddo.. The dad, not even raised his voiced, repeatedly and patiently answered the question.. The same, 'Burung apa tu' QA.

The son, feeling guilty of the earlier event, salam minta ampun maaf to the dad..

Moral of the story: Parents really make us their precious kan?? And I actually drop few tears after the ad.. hehehe


`in said...

iklan raya petr0nas byk amek idea drpd citer2 email aa :p last year citer pasal pinggan plastik tu .. tahun ni citer pasal burung lak ..

neway, iklan petr0nas alwez da best bila ada pape perayaan, kan! :D

aieesha.salleh said...

haah lah.. i agree to the mmax ;)