Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Any relations??

I finally managed to have a nice chatting moment with Puan Wafaa.. hehehe.. sounds a bit weird there to call her Puan.. ye lah, kan dia dah selamat melansungkan majlis perkahwinan (akad nikah, sanding dan bertandang).. best jugak berborak since dah lama tak bercerita panjang lebar..

I also had a nice email chatting with Miss Rozalinda.. mostly about her preparation lah.. since I haven't start mine yet.. only simple2 things lah..

Another lady tendered from my department.. hmmm.. i think she gets a better offer outside.. ;)

Owh, went for another wedding hantaran shopping spree last night ;) meriah meriah.. i loike ;) He got the one he likes so much, and i got mine *wink*

Kena belajar wat kebab dari ninna lah.. nampak macam sedap giler *meleleh air liurku*

Kerja as usual - not in the list of happy mood ;

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