Monday, October 22, 2007

More of wedding preparation

It's my first day of work.. after raya.. Sigh.. Baru first day dah boring tau.. I bet it must be because of the config notes thingy.. Bosan lah asik buat config notes jer..

Today, Hairil and Pushpa went for their HR project training.. Good for them lah..

Me?? I'm stuck here.. No news of anything yet.. Rasa sangat bosan bila banyak benda nak settle kan dalam satu masa.. hihihi.. Cemana tuh??

Today I'm going to have lunch with my dear fiance.. Love him Love him Love him.. hehehe.. He's being very supportive of the wedding pressure things (ye lah, kan kami gatal nak kawin sampai tinggal less than 15 weeks to go?) So, semua preparation express lah.. Hope everything will turn out well on the wedding day itself..

I proposed to dear friend last Friday ;) Called her asking for a lepak session, then we went out for dinner, then went to her crib (serious best lah tempat dia tu, hope i got the chance to lie down at the 2 hours sofa) more borak2, then I popped the question.. hehehe, macam wedding proposal pulak.. Anyway, she agreed ;)

So now, I got myself the maid of honour!!! ;) And dear sayang got himself the bestman ;) Who?? Well, I can't tell anyone yet (except the maid of honour lah) hehehehe

Next step: To get the bridesmaids (e.g; flowergirl lah).. I'm planning to get the big girls to do the part.. hehehe.. takut nanti anak2 kecil meragam cari mummy dia, mati lah nanti flowergirl hilang ;)

We planned to bring our moms to Nilai 3 for the door gift hunting session.. Alang2 tu, we also going to Nilai1 for the kain2.. Well, the flowergirl, maid of honour, bestman, family members going to get the kain.. oppps, famaly members yang ada tugas saje tau.. Ingat nak shoot S*S*F kat Ban*dar Sri Daman*sara tu sama.. ;) Maybe to Kamdar as well (as suggested by my MAID-OF-HONOUR). shessssh.. It sounds soo exciting lah bile sebut that word.. I know if she's reading my blog, she'll be smiling too ;) hehehe..

Theme Colour??? Kena jumpe the planner also lah ;)

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