Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Boify, My New Watch and Me

This is all old stories.. Tetiba teringat pulak..

This is a piccie of my dear boify.. taken by AmruFM, photographer in the making :)
Sangat comel laa Mr Boify.. I loike!!
Him in black and White:
Him in colors:

Comel kan sayang saya?? hehehe.. notice the Gu*ss watch in his black and white piccie? it's his birthday gift from moi... :)

Now, last month i bought myself a new watch.. me and boify were having the need-to-indulge-ourselves moments.. hehehe.. black colours from Gu*ss.. nice cutting.. here some piccies of it:

Nice innit? hehehe.. makes me love him more for his ideas and such.. Can't wait for our next spoilt-ourselves moments..

About me?? Well, I am so happy today for nothing special.. I guess it's because I'm starting to work out every now and then at home. Allocated 30 minutes a day.. I know it's nothing for toning up or slimming sebab 30minutes memang tak cukup.. but enuff to make me calmer at night and during office hour. :)

Ok, I'll start my day with lotsa work now..

Tata titi tutu..

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