Thursday, May 24, 2007


Hari ni farewell En Yahman.. the guy in ISTD that most gals are drooling over.

He is like a reason, a semangat for some to be at work.. very the macho guy laa..
His voice.. hmmmmmmmmmm... now I'm drooling.. ahahahahaha..

He's not leaving cos a new job offer or anything.. but he wants to go back to his wife hometown.. he's migrating to US.. maybe he wants to settle down there. :)

So, the farewell celebration is at EDEN*SUBANG. Makanan dia YUMMILICIOUS!!! Kenyang..
Ramai yang nangis.. cos he is a caring boss.. dan as usual, sesi terakhir adalah sesi bergambar.. nanti derang dah email aku upload ok..

"There goes another good looking guy in ISTD"


Wafaa said...

and when we asked Pushpa "lembut tak tangan Yahman", she made kinda muka yang syiok gile

btw, En Yahman was & is a very handsome boss

and, when 1 friend (or what-so-ever-called) left, life must go on and if 1 friend sees our keburukan and value us by that, let that friend be

Anonymous said...

points taken..

yup, Yahman byebye... uwaaa.....

Wafaa said...

is that u tino?

Anonymous said...


LynGhazale said...

pesanan: confront if still tak puas hati. i dont mind actually. and i did email that thing to a bunch of PHB staffs.

aieesha said...

bukan tak puas hati, just the tots at the moment..and the speehless reaction only..
it's cool if all are back to normal

LynGhazale said...


Anonymous said...

kul ke pukul berapa?


LynGhazale said...

huhuhuhuh kul=cool
coolness. coolies. kulies.

:aku jugak: