Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I am at home, just had my dinner.. Some takeout from Restoran Ayam Kampung..

I am in front of the TV now, watching channel 17 - AXN..
Guess what?? Supernatural on air now!! I love to watch this series!!
Now it's something about a ghost - Mordachai???
It started with some pranks but they painted a symbol at the wall of this old house.. Then some nerds put it on their website.. and when people keep on staring at the symbol, the thing will come alive.. ape ntah dia panggil benda tu..
Yang penting: Dua beradik itu sangat handsome!!


It's just fantastic to be at home and watch some TV series!!

Today I just hate her sooo much!!!
Pointing to others won't solve anything laa!!!


AM said...

handsome bangat!

aieesha said...

ya betul!!!
sangat mencairkan jiwa raga.. hehehe