Monday, January 01, 2007

WeLcOMe 2-zERo-ZerO-7!!!

First and foremost, i'd like to shoutout to all a very Happy New Year 2007!!! May this year teaches us to be a better person in life.. Has anyone has a LONG new year resolution yet?? Hehehehe.. Sorry, I'm not a person that has a resolution every new year.. ^_^ It's usually me having some aims, at anytime i feel like creating those aims.. Somehow, with lots of "catastrophe" surrounding me, I somehow have accidentally created my own medium-long list.. hehehe.. Here goes:

.. To be more independent in life..
.. To as usual, lose lots of kilos (somehow this started after Ramadhan)..
.. To learn to cook all sorts of meals (I don't really care eastern or western)..
.. To beautify myself for my satisfaction (a bit for impressing others ^_^)..
.. To learn to organize my time better in the office and at home!!
.. To control my new habits of splurging happily when I'm depressed.. Duit macam air laa kan, but somehow retail-therapy do HELP A LOT..

and most importantly........


Other aims, to be more productive.. to ensure i'm smart in controlling my budgets and savings.. yadaa.. yadaa.. yadaa....

Before I end this, Happy AidilAdha to all too..

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