Monday, January 01, 2007

Roza's Engagement

On the 1st of January two-o-o-seven, a dear friend gotten herself engaged to her darling sweetheart!! To ROZALINDA GHAZALE AND WANDY --->>>> CONGRATULATION!!!! hohoho..

Started the journey to Melaka by picking up Wafaa.Latiff at COE.. ::Iklan::Wafaa travelled around Semenanjung within 24 hours.. Just imagine, started her journey from Kelantan KTM, then I seriously can't remember which comes next.. but the travelled to Gemas, Seremban and back to KL Sentral.. Which a bit outta mind since entah ek, design KTMB memang untuk sight-seeing jugak kot??.. ::Iklan tamat:: Then we started out journey about 10am from COE, with a constant speed of 120kmh-140kmh (whoooppppssS), managed to reach her house at 12.. Engagement was delayed to after Zohor.. fuhhhhh... Nice engagement.. and her aunts are all SOOO SPORTING!!!! and the food, simply the BEST!!!..

Started our journey back at 3.30pm, with hujan and jalan jammed, reached COE at 5.30pm.. hohoho... Malam, went to meet yayang at Wangsa Maju.. met Dear Azron for a farewell wish (he's going to Bandar Seri Iskandar), then we headed to NAili's Ampang for our late dinner.. Hmmmm..

Here's a pic of Roza:



wafaa said...

muka fotostet lah 2 beradik tuh

aieesha said...

haah kan.. muke fotostat.... hahahahahah.. tapi adik dia dapat dagu mahal;... hohoho