Monday, November 06, 2006


Wow... when i reached home today after work, the first thing i did was to step on a digital bathroom scale (which i redeemed from bonuslink).. wow!! It really put a BIG SMILE on my face when i watched the readings.. 69.7kg.. i know to some it must be a HUGE MASSIVE number, but i'm used to it for 3 years.. sigh..started to gain weight in year 2002.. from nice 55 to 65 in 6 months (thanks to the college-eating-out-lifestyle) and been trying to lose em since then.. Sadly said, it's a hard work and persistent dieting is a must.. once i managed to be 65kilos but after my 1st degree semester, i'm back to normal 73kilos.. when you get something really fast, you tend to lose it fast too..

This time, i was determined to start my control-eating-habit-and-no-fastfoods rutine during the puasa month.. the last day of ramadhan, i'm at 71kilos.. manages to lose 2kilos..yeay!! and after some episodes of love life drama, plus my more strict diet regime and thank to mama, HL replacement.. today at 6.30pm, i am 69.7kilos.. i'm losing about 0.3-0.5 kilos a day, but sometimes lepas makan, memang la naik pun around that.. the trick is to weigh yourself once a week (which i totally FAIL in doing so), so a doc suggest me to weigh daily at the exact same time.. :D senang laa kan..

Gosh i am soo happy with the result now, and really really wish my sayang is here with me.. :) So into him and loving him so much.. If i managed to reach my target, i wanna persuade him to join any available-reasonable gym.. he needs to lose some too..

hehehe.. LOVE YOU SAYANG!!!

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