Friday, September 15, 2006

Still Sick, but at least i'm working :-P

hmmm, wut've I been doing yesterday? Well, this may sound a bit, i mean a hell lot stupid to some of you.. i woke up yesterday, feeling all mushy and sick, decided to go to DEMC.. but just remembered the ca ya alip nun lady next to me saying that since i'd taken MC on teh 12th at this one particular clinic, i should go to the sam clinic again (since berturut-turut).. and just how blur i am, to actually followed what she's said to me.. sigh.. so i drove to the office ( i left my edical book there..budus ek).. then punch my card (as the clinic that i'm heading to is soooooo particular about MCs...) then waited at the clinic for 20 minutes before having the doctor to attend to me (doctor was havin' his breakfast for 20 minutes). Lucky, this guy doctor was kind enough after seeing me with my rockstar voice, he gave me a full day MC.. thank doc.. had a wonderful 12 hours sleep with all the meds u've given me..

then, petang, mie came over to see his muah muah charming princess at home being sick and all.. then afeter lepak2, wafaa, lin and roza came over..konon melawat padahal nak pakai toilet..chiet.. :-D Anyway, thanx guys for coming over.. heheh..cos i was damn bored since havta sleep all day (dengan kuasa ubat tidoq)...

today, i hav meeting with PPC at 11am... rite now, just lazying around, making my arse biger and bigger by sittin' here.. gosh, i really need to take my ubat batuk, but heh, nanti tidor kang, sape nak jawab???

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