Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dad's progess

Day 3,

I took halfday off (petang) to look after him. When we arrived, Mom pulled us aside and told us what the doc said. Hmm, I want to be optimistic and don't want to think what lies ahead of us. For me, whatever it is, the important is...NOW.

He was having his dialysis at that time. Doc had to 'tebuk' peha to do the dialysis, since both his fistula has weaken and hard for them to get the pulse there. Doc said that the fistula might have spoilt during the buang air from paru2 kanan. Lebih kurang fistula tu tak boleh terlalu kering, boleh rosak. And the one kat peha can last about 1 week. So since dah tebuk peha, doc tak jadi tebuk lung kiri. Maybe esok pagi katanya. Tengok condition dulu.

Mom? She was furious with the nurses there. Sebab something about sepatutnya buat something pagi, tapi bertangguh2. And when she called the nurse, no one's there. Stress sangat kot sampai hangin semalam. I don't blame her la, since betul jugak, ICU is about thousand plus per night, so nak duduk berapa hari kot kan?

Doc visited him again at 3pm, and said that he can go to normal ward now. Condition quite stable, but as usual, heart is still very weak. I requested for a single room tapi full house, so terpaksa amik bilik suite. Nasib baik lah ada 2 types, VIP and normal suite. Normal je la, tu pun dah besar bilik dia. Selera dia once dah naik bilik, quite berselera.

Went back early since both Mie and I dah sangat lembik. Let see his progress for today. Do pray for him ya :)


Wafaa said...

Takziah Aishah. Semoga roh arwah ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang dikasihi-Nya. Amin. Kuatkan semangat ye. It will take time and crying is alright.

ajan said...

Hi babe. Found out abt ur dad from wafaa's tweet.
Sorry to hear that.

U take care but gotta be strong for ur mom. Im sure u'll be alright in time.

Take care babe.

Rose said...

I'm sorry to hear the news dear. Al-fatihah for your father.

zamnzara said...

Just heard abt ur dad. Al-fatihah to u dad. Takziah to u and family...

ajan said...

Hey aishah how are u?

aieesha.salleh said...

hey ajan,

Thanks for asking. Alhamdullillah, am trying to cope up with normal life :) Tapi nothing will be the same lagi la kan. Thanks for the advice jugak. I ikut advice you tu, be strong for my mom :)

Akmal Akhpah said...


Glad to know youre ok. And glad to know ive helped.

You'll be fine.

Take care!