Thursday, October 21, 2010

His Pictures on 7th October 2010

Pictures taken on the very day he is Two. Enjoice:

 From L to R (top to bottom):
  • With his birthday gift given by Mamatok
  • Him with Mamatok and his gift ^_^
  • Papa excitedly trying hard to unwrap the gift
  • Mamatok tried to unwrap 1st so carefully sampai tekun anak bujang memerhati :)

From Lto R:
  • At his birthday party (we celebrate at his nursery) - gambar sesat ni
  • Seems like Papa yang excited nak bukak gift dia.. Tak pernah dapat gift remote control car ke papa?
  • His Gift
  • Excitedly showing to mamatok ^_^



e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

happy bday ashraf :)

aieesha.salleh said...

Thanks aunty eliss ^_^

Wafaa said...

Acap, kita belum jumpa lagi nak celebrate bday sama Iman

aieesha.salleh said...

haah. bila kita nak kuar baby day's out?