Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to REAL life

I am back to the real world.. Sigh.. Within the first hour in the office, I've started to feel.. urm.. exhausted.. Yerp, yours truly dah burnt out lah.. All the headaches, heartache and all sorts of other ache lah.. Hihihi..

My mind was so relaxed during the 2 weeks hospitalization plus extended MC..

Yet 1 freaking hour at my workstation covers up all the 2 weeks hentaman maut kerja.. Sigh..

I texted Mr Hubby saying that I couldn't take this anymore.. I'm tired with all these shits and really feel like nak anta surat cinta.. Guess what, he replied with a green light.. hmm, I think I'm gonna have the discussion with him tonight.. Wish me luck..


Wafaa said...

laki aku kata aku boleh berenti kalau nak tapi income dia tu tak boleh nak boros2 lah. hihiii sb skang 2 orang punye income ok sket. dan aku hanye boroskan duit aku aje. shoping tak hengat. hahaha..

aieesha.salleh said...

hahaha.. aku lak, dia pesan kalo benti pk laa apa2 yang boleh buat sambil dok umah.. jgn benti pastu shopping2 macam datin datin pulak.. hahahah...

tapi siyes lah, tak tahan wooooo..

Wafaa said...

shoping mcm datin2 tu tahan.. muahahaha