Thursday, May 15, 2008


I've realize lately that
  • my postings do not have any specific focus or such.. sigh.. mostly I rambled a bit of here and there
  • most of the postings are on works, my frustration and being close-to-4-months-preggie
  • my weekends are filled with my parents/in-laws visits, ironing-folding-washing, cleaning the apmt, and zzzzz
  • I haven't been going out with the girls for sooo long, that almost forget their numbers (whoops)
  • What ever happen to the hobby I have before getting M?
  • my life now = no life??

aaa tidak!!!! Tak boleh jadi macam ini.. At least Mr Mie gets his golfing every Saturday morning.. Is it married life? No??

Hmm, ini macam kalo... i need to get a new activities soon.. Sorang pun sorang lah kan.. Since lately, selalu "tertinggal" dalam aktiviti2 weekend dengan kengkawan2.. ke ditinggal?? hahahaha.. Ini lah akibat kalo dah biasa semua sendiri kan...


Wafaa said...

married life aku best. hehe.

esah said...

ye lah, mr najib pun busy keje... :)

mr mie pulak, jenis suke dok umah.. maka kaki aku pun kat umah.. kah kah kah