Friday, February 01, 2008

Dilemma In Life

I have deleted yesterday's posting for sensitivity reasons.. Anyway, to sum up what I have written in general, everybody have all kind if dilemmas in their daily life.. Including me.. But, alhamdullillah, it's solved for now.. For future, I have yet to ponder.. ;)

Latest update of my life now.. As most readers know, I am recently married to the love of my life ;) Am truly happy with my new life, and new status -- married.. Gosh, I couldn't believe that I am a wife now.. hihihi.. I have also recently moved from SA home (which is my parents' house).. Owh, my crib is not 100% ready yet, so we rent elsewhere.. Truthfully, am happy yet a bit tiring lah.. I discovered a lot of things that I've never knew I'm able to do by myself.. I have to prepare his things.. The kitchen is all mine.. hehehe.. Really happy with the personal achievement for now..

Last night we had dinner with my mom and lil bro.. We chatted and had a lot of fun.. Rasanya sejak duduk sendiri, makin rapat lagi dengan mama.. hihihi.. kewl.. love it.. About 9.30 pm, we headed home which is 20 minutes away from SA home..

Owh, my mom just had a treatment at Dr Rudi's dentist.. Something to matikan nerve kat satu gigi tu cos her diabetic dah menyerang gusi.. just like what my dad's always have.. ;( Kesian mama.. So tempat makan mama yang set.. ;)

Tonight, we are going to sleep in SA.. Can't wait.. But, tomorrow I have to miss out 3 weddings that I really want to attend.. ;( Stoopid training.. ;(


Wafaa said...

cuba kira berapa entry ko post pada 1 Feb

aieesha.salleh said...

4.. hahahah.. tension keje.. lagipun esko kat sabtu tak keje.. aku takde internet access lagi kat umah nih...

Putri said...

where's your new place. tak buat housewarming ke..

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