Monday, December 31, 2007

Memoirs of 2007

A lot of things happened to me in year 2007.. These memories, whether it's good or bad, has given me strength to be more patient, defensive and possesive to move on in life. These experiences let me be more mature in life ;)

::Good memories of 2007::
  • Feb 07: I finally got back what i wanted sooo much in life.. I've almost given up on making it mine, when life suddenly has fallen back into places.. :)
  • March 07: I celebrated my 1st year anniversary in this gigantic national manufacturing firm in Shah Alam
  • July 07: Dear friend got married on 07.07.07.. We started discussing on our future together
  • August 07: Celebrated our 7 years anniversary together by getting engaged.. The best ever moment for the year ;) And our anniversary falls on the national day, 31.08.07
  • September 07: I'm 25 years old.. He gave me a nice wallet, which i will treasure FOREVER
  • December 07: Butterflies all over.. Enuff said!!

::Spices in life 2007::
  • Early year: Life is up and down at this moment.. Everything seems so unsure...
  • Mid year: I accidentally knocked my mom's favourite cat - Kitty.. Well, both of us cried like hell
  • August 07: I was relocate ouside the room.. Can be said as career advanced, but i miss my old team damn much!!
  • Today: Some stupid guy hit and run my poise Gucci.. :( She's lazing on the side of the road when out of no where, the stupid neighbour's friend hit her.. Gucci, rest in peace ok.. Gonna miss you so much.. How could a 20 years old guy doesn't realize that he hit a kitten??? 4 months old kitten??? Besides, this is a housing area you moron!! What if one day you might hit someone's kid?? Better make sure it's not mine or else I'll definitely will send you to lock up!! Gov of Msia, please set a strict rule of drivers who carelessly hit any animals on the road!!

~Welcome 2008~

There's a lot to come in 2008.. First of all, I'm getting married on this 10th January 08.. Altho my company has revised the national public holiday (HR sangat stupid ok), I will surely celebrate it the way i want it to be!! Wish me luck you guys.. And i hope i managed to move into our new crib soon.. ;)

New year's resolutions?? NONE!! Why?? I was never able to achieve the resolution so why have one?? Anyway, I do wish that
  • I'll be a good wife to Muhammad Suhaimi..
  • a good mother to any upcoming babies (insyaAllah)..
  • maintain and have a good relationship with my in laws (hopefully closer than now which is too close already)..
  • still be a good daughter to my parents ;)
  • And I NEED to increase my cooking skills soon, or my future hubby will be kebulur later on.. hik hik hik..


chumly said...

Hope you have a good 08!

aieesha said...

tq chumly ;)