Friday, December 28, 2007

13 days to go... ;)

Unbelievable... Only 13 days to go!!

thee heee heee ;)

Am definitely really happy, can't wait for the big day to happen.. but there's too many things to be done.. sigh.. have to take out my study table and repaint my room from pink to rosy white.. *termenung sekejap* Am really gonna miss the pink painted room...

On the wedding issue, i managed to do the fitting session somewhere last week, but have no time to update my blog then.. it's only works works and works.. let it be office or wedding or just merely cleaning the house.. There's a lil part of me that wants to move to new crib soon.. but, we gonna take it slow ;)

Tonight am supposed to have another fitting session.. both my wedding reception baju.. can't wait.. hehehe

Gonna have another facial session next weekend, so this weekend am supposed to do hair inai-ing, trimming, stimming and treatment.. but first, have to chuck out some items to make my house look more.. urm.. bigger space?? doubt that it can be done.. sorry mom, just the truth.. hehehe.. banyak sangat lah barang2 tu..

Received my FIRST wedding gift from aunty maizan and family.. advanced eyy?? hehee.. she's from kota bharu kelantan, and she couldn't make it to my wedding solemnisation dan also reception ;( really appreciate that she dropped by all the from kelantan, just to say that she's sorry she couldn't make it.. and, she's just my mom good friend.. not even a relative ;) sayang aunty.. hehehehe.. it's not the gift that counts, just the thought ;)


Wafaa said...

kawan2 mak aku pon sama. rasanya kawan2 mak is more excited kot

aieesha.salleh said...

itu lah kan

semalam dapat satu lagi dari kedah..
all the way to shah alam drop kan wedding gifts sebab tak dapat attend ;)

aiyo..mereka excited rupanya