Thursday, November 01, 2007

Excitement arrives!!

Well.. I'm starting to get really excited now.. Already given my form to dear daddy.. He's going to JA*IS today..

Last night, me and dear fiance went to meet Abg Halim again.. For fitting.. I gave him my akad nikah kain.. ;) It's going to be kurung moden, without the princess cut dart.. Cos I want it to be loose.. So, tailoring will be completed by end of this month, and beadings will be done by end of December.. ;) Tak sabar nyer... So end of this month, I'll get to try my baju.. hik hik hik..

It seems my mom had met abg halim for the home decor discussion.. wow, all dah discuss? then, semalam we just discussed dear fiance's side ;)

Hmm.. Today I am on MC.. Reason: Food poisoning lah.. Semalam makan banyak.. perut jam kot? malam makan lagi.. hehehe.. So, pagi ni perut meragam..

Besides that, my door gift will arrive today.. ;)


Lina said...

i stumbled across ur blog and i find it reaaallly intreresting.. i'm getting married myself, so i pretty much can relate to your situation.. with all the preparations and all!! it's great to read about someone that's feeling as excited as i am!! U seem really happy and blessed! i'm so happy for u!! =)

aieesha.salleh said...

Hi Lina, nice meeting you here =)

Congratulation on your upcoming big day ;) It is surely really gr8 to know someone out there is feeling the same way too.. hihihi