Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Motivation please..

I need motivation now.. Lots and lots of motivation..

A friend told me that she was indeed very surprised to know that I studied computer science and business computing.. She said she always thought that I am a business kind of person..

Dear friend, I know you are right.. Cos I am becoming old now after a year plus working.. So not me lah.. Tapi kena ada modal dulu lah kawan.. Betul tak?

I heard that 2 person from another division had resigned.. Reason: Bengang ngan boss.. Opppss.. Ganas tak? Sometimes I wonder, where do the courage come to resign?? A friend and a pet sis resigned from their job without even securing a a new job.. I guess the bengang-ness to bos masing2 really drives em to the wall lah..

But how about me?

I have not reach the maximum bengang-ness yet.. But I had enuff of seeing the ampu mengampu scene, i'm busy scene, and all sorts of perangai.. Make me hate it.. I am a lone ranger lah.. Since before, I never knew the bodek membodek technique with the teachers, lecturers and bosses.. How do they do it?

I want to work alone lah.. I think it's easier that way.. Not because I don't know how to mingle as I can easily mingle around.. Tapi cepat menyampah dengan scene2 tertentu tu lah..

I need a break lah.. Alhamdullillah Raya break is a week..


Anonymous said...

errrkkkkk aku ker 'friend' tuh? :S aisehhhhhhhhh

aieesha.salleh said...

hahahaha... hahahahahha..