Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Half Day Therapy??

I took a half day leave today.. Sadly, it was half morning.. Well, I was all prepared to go to work when my mom insist on taking half day leave.. (Note: Mak mintak tolong kena lah tunaikan ye tak?).. So I did help her with something.. And it's almost done..

I almost make it a full day leave as I am darn LAZY today.. letih lah.. but thinking of the wedding time (Note: I will take unpaid leave, so bayangkan how long it will be), I decided to come to work today..

Arghh, if you want to take half day, better make it the afternoon half.. Kurang2 dah tak yah masuk ofis kan?? Half morning = Boring!! hehehe..

So my moral of story: I did not enjoy my half-morning leave.. ;(

Apart from that, I am in NO MOOD of working at all now.. HELP???

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