Thursday, August 02, 2007

Isu tunang munang.. ^_^

I am so lucky to work with him on the tunang munang preparation..

I have seen guys with romantic heart.. They really go hi and low to prepare for the proposal, and so on.. One guy, rented the MBSA gazebo near Tasik Shah Alam just for the proposal event on his girly bday, with almost 3 kgs of rose petals and how many dozens of roses.. Another, rented the 1 theatre room in GSC, watched the movie and when the movie ended, the screen pop out the "will you marry me?" words.. So romantic aren't they??

My dear other half.. I have never seen him so excited about something.. He is sooooo well prepared for the day.. And it makes me look kile I'm not.. :( Well, that's what he thinks..

My dear sayang, mesti laa i pun excited and giler2 prepare.. Infact, there might be a mini pelamin sayang.. huhuhu.. So far, our preparation is on track and as planned.. (I know he did the timeline, as I said, I never seen him this excited..Thank you baby).. We even managed to settle some of the list earlier.. hehehe..
  • I've checked and confirmed with A.Sharifah on the hairdo and makeup..
  • Amru to give me the photography booking receipt soon..
  • Caterer booked..
  • Tailor, to remind him on my baju tomorrow.
  • List of guest is still in process..
  • Wakil to present me, hmmm.. this is one major issue.. I think I better choose him myself..
  • All the dulang decor, to give em to the pereka on 15th..

What else ek???


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Wafaa said...

# List of guest is still in process..

one of them is WAFAA