Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gucci Picture

As promised earlier, here are some piccies of my dear dear newest baby in the feline family.. :) Here goes:
  • Her name is Gucci (as a remembrance to the older Gucci that was stolen some years ago.. will add her piccie here later.
  • She's 2 months ++ old (kena bawak check gigi ngan doctor first.
  • She's half persian.. As usual, bulu panjang..
  • Greyish with some orangy stripes no her backbone..
  • Sangat naughty ok..
  • very the manja..
  • She's afraid of male cat (dunno until when laa.. huhuhu)

Here are her pic:

Cute innit?


Wafaa said...

cam terkejut je

aieesha.salleh said...

hahahaha.. he's very the ngengade...

`in said...

waaaa! kelabu oyen2 ke? cam jibam!! aku wendu jibammm! uwaaaa sobsob~ :((