Thursday, August 23, 2007

8 days to go!!!

Wheeee.... 8 more days to go before I formally change my status.. hahahah.. Not that MAJOR since the change is only from "In a Rltnshp" to "Engaged"..

But still, I'm getting all excited for it.. plus the butterflies in my stomach.. Hello, earth to Aishah... It's only engagement laa, not even wedding yet for you to get all the butterflies.. dang!! Alaa, tak kire... nak jugak.. hehehe..

Went to pick up my engagement kurung moden last Tuesday.. But it needed some alteration.. Gosh, I felt like crying when i tried the kurung.. I was soooo scared, incase i need another baju since it looks erm... so not me!!! Bravo to Abg Lan, after the alteration (which i tries last night), the kurung looks wonderful on me.. Well, not all peeps will like the colour but who cares!! It's my DAY!! hehehe.. and yes, the kurung is hanging nicely in my room now... Mwah cikit to abg Lan!! weehooo!!!

Then, managed to get Mr Ravi for the canopy.. Rumah aku kan tinggi rendah, so mamat tu kena laa kreatip sket.. hehehe..

Brg nak gubah dah pun diberi kepada Abg Onn Aziz.. :) Tinggal amik je..

Tinggal nak buat guest confirmation, then kasik map kat org yang tak tau jalan umah, dan kemas umah itew...

La La La..

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