Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Kitty was found by my mother on 27th March 2007 in our neighbour's yard. He's upper body part was in the drain and his tail was waving left - right - left -right. Since the neighbour is not so fond with any form of pets, my mom took the liberty of taking Kitty back home.

Such and adorable little fella. Very small yet very manja. Active too. Well, he managed to make my two other cats become brothers AGAIN. So, he was loved by all. We brought him to the vet for deworm and vaccine. Found out that he was 2 plus months old. He must be 2 months old when we found him.

He had this habit though. Suka lari bawah kereta bile orang nak start enjin. So, whenever any of us want to reverse the car, my mom or myself will chase him away from the car. Satu keje pulak kan?

Anyway, on the 1st May 2007, while we were on our way out for breakfast, ada laa sesi mogok2 oleh adik aku. So my mother had to go and pujuk him. That time, none of us remember about Kitty's habit. :( To sum it all, I accidentally hit him. Ouch..

I cried so hard that day :(
We buried him in front of my house. Again, i cried. Maybe coz all of us are so fond of him.

Kitty spent his life actively. And I'm so proud of that. Tapi, i still can't believe that he's no longer with us. Every time i got back from work, I take the 2nd junction to my house, just to see him there.. :)

Sometimes, still tersasul. Balik rumah, cari Kitty.. It's like a habit. Rocco pun dah jadi malas balik macam dulu.. :( Kitty, I'm sorry.. Again..

"we'll always miss you"


nina said...

lorrr .. takziah wey ..
kucing aku pun baru je mati
woowoowooo .. :(

aieesha said...

ye ker? takziah sama pada ko nina... tapi aku nitemare lorrr

Wafaa said...

nasib baik sempat snap gambar kitty kan

aieesha said...

haah, kalo tak, mau aku nangis lagi