Monday, May 21, 2007


Today I woke up late. Baby woke me up about 6.38am and he's on his way to work!! My goodness, how can he be that early?? I was so tired last night, slept around 1am, so I am TIRED. Sigh..

Although I'm late, I still had the time to wash my hair, applied some mosturiser to my face, drank my soya bean and drove my car at 80kmh. I reached office at 7.50am.. Impressive for someone who woke up late.. hehehe..

I logged to DEV client and edit some configuration for HR as per requested, browsed my email, and happily chatted with Pushpa.. theeheehee.. by 11 am, both of us were soooo damn hungry!! Excatly at 1245, we went to ladies room and went to PSA for lunch.. Sayang as usual, waited for us patiently with his Malboro.. cheh!!

Whoa.. My disaster came at 4.30 pm. Kak Se*ah called and told me i did some error in config.. alamak, satu hal nak solve.. hehehe.. luckily, we're able to solve it.. :) tapi untuk solve tu, almost 5 request kot mintak Fi*ri transport kan..

ok lah, nak balik dah.. bye bye

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