Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun Saturday

Today is indeed a hectic but fun day!!!

Me and sayang went to pick up his bro for his 3 months semester break.. We went all the way to Bandar Sri Iskandar, Tronoh, Perak. Well, UITM campus is just next to UTP..

We had a break at Tapah R&R.. The cleanliness there is very tip top.. :) I am proud of it, though I am not a Perakian..

CAIT!! Azron claimed he only has 2 luggage and a PC, so we decided to drive Swift. HAMPEH!! He had 4 bags, 1 bantal bucuk, 1 bantal tido, 1 laundry bag, PC, and few plastics. SO you can imagine how cramped he was at the bag.. hehehehe.. But ok laa.. the only things next to him was his PC and bantal tido :) But I preferred if we travel with Naza Ria.. more spacious don't you think?? aiyak azron, information next time kasi sikit clear wokeh!! :)

We stopped again at Tapah R&R on our way back to KL.. Had Baskin Robbin since it was a very hot day!! Yummy, best cos sayang paid for it.. weehooo...

We sent azron to Cheras.. Then we had our dinner at Briyani Power Section 13.. Makan nasik beriyani ayam masak merah..

Kenyang woooo...

Lepaking is a must in our itinerary.. hehehe.. later he went home and me, here I am... :)

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