Thursday, April 12, 2007


I'd rather keep my mouth shut from now on.. From what, some people may ask.. Well, it's just that I felt tired of talking.. Or even defending myself.. Ever since I'm in the MC mood, I've become a lazier, laid back person on earth.. boohoo me!! hehehe..

I'm starting to LOVE the staying at home concept.. I realized how much I miss being at home and lazing around doing exactly nothing.. I'm not being a spoilt brat here, but I figured that there's a lot of things can be done during office hour - without even rushing or racing with the time and all..

While supposedly resting at home, I managed to:
1. Activate my PBB account as it's becoming dormant.. I might not be able to do it while working, don't you think so?
2. Survey for my dream condo life I always wanted..
3. Making almost daily trip to the banks with mom, usual spots are CIM*B, MB*B..
4. Replenish Melilea products for mom and dad..
5. Groceries shopping at TESC*O and GIA*NT..
6. Dating without fail every evening.. Boify truly feels that I need more attention while I'm sick.. :)
7. Watching my favourite TV series such as Heroes, Desperate Hsewives, Totally Spies and all without having to fight for the remote control as no one at home.. yeehaa me!!
8. Give Kitty his first bath.. He's sooo cute.. very cuddly and all..
9. Sweet princess sleep whenever I feel like it..

I soooo want that house.. Cross my fingers for it.. Sigh.. At time like this, I really feel it's not worth working my butt off when the earnings couldn't support you necessity needs..


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