Tuesday, April 03, 2007

10 days MC


At 9 am today, I discovered few red dots on my arms, thighs and tummy.. I guess my face must've turned white cos Push asked me what's wrong.. Showed me my reddish spots.. Trying not to sound panic, I made joke of it.. She showed it to the boss and by couple of hours, I was sitting "patiently" at the SJMC Emergency Clinic..

The doc said i'm having chicken pox.. WHAT??? I told him that I don't think so.. Arguing about having a blood test, he decided I don't have to.. Well, at least he gave me a 10 days MC.. and if by the 3rd day the spots didn't appear, I need to come back for further check up.

I called my other half, telling him about it.. he laughed so hard when i announced about the 10 days MC.. it kinda pissed me off.. Sigh.. Feeling so down, I ate a lot that evening.. He didn't came to see me (reason: I didn't get it yet and I'll see you after i get the vaccination)..

Well, at least i don't havta apply 10 days of leave to get some peace of mind.. :)

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