Sunday, February 11, 2007

demn saturday,,


i went to work about 11 am.. nothing much, ada mende nak settle kan.. i think my PC got virus ahr.. demn... waited until 2 pm for sayang to call since he's working too.. but then, he called saying he has an appoinment at 3 in kl.. sigh.. why can't he tell me earlier.. mesti aku dah order delivery ke hape.. lapar sebab ingat nak makan skali :( i called him about 3.30pm to tell him that i'm gonna head home.. tapi dia tgh meeting.. so, kul 4.30 dia call laa.. cakap2 kejap then we do our own stuff laa.

i know it's a stupid arrangement with stupid reasons and a stupid fella just don't know to back-off, while another stupid fella just don't know how to move on, and one more (not stupid i, but confused i guess) just can't decide. :( boohoo me..

owh well, received sms from a friend at 3.30 am.. hello, awak buat apa laa malam2 tak titon lagi?? ;P well, definitely tak reply laa cos i'm zzzzzz.. baru reply tadi, hutang lepaking rupenyer :D so, if ayu kata on je, kire jadi ye jang.. hohoho.. 2 bulan lambat, so someone gotta treat me and ayu a.k.a yerq.. la la la

will update more soon :) jiwa kacau or not.. hehehe

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