Monday, February 05, 2007


Wow.. It's been a while since i last posted something here.. Owh, b4 i start to get "crazy" here, wordpress seems to have more feature innit? I've seen N4Y4 blog, she can set some as private where people need password to read em.. Sigh, when is blogger gonna have that option too?

Emm, i had 2 happy weekends.. :)
last saturday, mr boify had lunch with me.. we went to cozy house.. :) we spent our times from noon till almost 7pm.. Seriously, it is not enuff for me.. cos i want to be with him forever :) sigh.. Sunday was a whole different story.. i guess he went out.. call sume tak jwb.. sedar2 hp 012 dia da off.. geram!!!! but i was a bit wild also.. i sent him thousand.. i repeat.. THOUSANDS of msgs... hehehehe.. but then, he sent multimedia sms to me by midnite.. the piccie and the wordings, made me smile instantly.. teerus lupa yang geram sangat petang tadi.. hehehe.. apa nak jadi nie??
the saturday before that, we went out also.. he treated me at planet.. NICE.. then we went shopping.. i had FUN.. and being with him from noon till midnite.. i heart him soooo much :) but as usual, Sunday brings a whole different story.. hahahaha.. well, on sunday someone (known as *flatface*) is celebrating something. bluwekkkk... bosan.. she just doesn't know to stay away ek? seb baik mr boify ku yang dah bertahun bersama ni pandai amik hati GF dia ni..

Am i crazy? maybe.. Stupid?? nah....

I'm just in lurve :)

Work?? As usual.. Went to Tanjung Malim for a meeting.. B4 that, owh.. the reason i didn't blog for soo long is i was on training from 22nd Jan to 26th Jan 2007.. Lucky me huh? Training was at Amc*rp Mall.. Something bout SAP.. la la la..

Current: I'm getting flu agaknye.. My nose is turning RED!!!

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