Tuesday, February 13, 2007

blank mind

i am having a blank mind right now.. i think.. i've been staring at my PC for quite sometime, but nothing came up.. no IDEAS.. bad huh..

lots of works to be done.. but, no ideas where to start.. heard some good and bad news.. already told him bout it, but he acts as though he's not affected.. if it's true, then i won't have the chance to see him daily as usual.. i never had a long distance rtnshp.. salute to you guys who have.. :)

tomorrow is the Vday.. some mufti says it's haram to celebrate it.. well, we don't celebrate it.. but usually on that day, kami kuar makan dinner and movie.. and we change the wish from happy vday to happy kekasih day.. so that we are sure that we don't kinda "celebrate" it as a tribute to Val*ntine.. lain kan if kite mean to go out as kekasih?? tapi no gifts or wut-so-ever laa.. i never consider going out as celebrating.. it's just we alwiz took that chance to go out je.. hehehehe.. but this year, i'm not sure of anything.. gonna asked him laa..

btw, petang tadi i had another surprise.. hmmm.. as usual laa, b4 balik mesti jumpe kan.. i tot nak ajak dia dinner.. tapi dia kata balik laa dulu.. dengan sadisnyer, aku pun balik laa.. dalam hati cam, mesti dia tanak jumpe.. tetiba dia call tanya dah sampai belom?? aiks, pelik sungguh bila dia tanya tu,.. hehehe.. elok aku sampai umah, i saw his car.. he's at my house!!! yeay.. Memang bahagia sangat rasa bile dia muncul secara mengejut.. sunday pun camtu.. :) i love him... altho kitorang tak dinner, and lepak dalam umah je.. but i appreciate and will treasure any moments i have with him now.. cos i don't know wut lies in d future kan?? :)

owh dah tanya dah, dia kata tak kuar pun :(
takpe laa, dia tired kot...


Wafaa Abdul Latiff said...

i loooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee surprises!

Anonymous said...

mee tooo laaa...