Thursday, January 04, 2007


How should i write this... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

What if....

.. You have a few friends that ain't straight?? Are you ok to be friend with senget peeps? (I dunno how to define it, so "senget" is d WORD ok)
.. Or friends that are AC/DC??
.. Or it's just simply you suddenly fallen for a senget peeps? Or a senget peeps fallen for you??

That doesn't mean you're crooked too aight??

I have known some friends who's senget, AC/DC, straights and all.. And i'm open about it.. But somehow, peeps around you might not able to accept that some peeps are just like that... expecially in an our culture...

Sometimes, senget peeps are much more appreciative of what they have.. More romantic, caring and "gentleman"..
Sometimes, they don't...
Sometimes, straight peeps are the next best thing to you, you might've found THE ONE.. but men are sometimes too ego and claims they are the one we should listen too ALWAYS.. plus, it's hard to find their species that know how to appreciate things in front of 'em.. It's always the one at the next island that they are interested with.. not all, but some...
Sometimes, AC/DC found the best of both parties... but, you can't keep both forever, can you??

Why can't we found the PURRFECT MATCH / THE ONE without making it complicated??

I've found my MATCH.. IT's just PERFECT.. I know it.. He's THE ONE.. and when my instinct says so, it's a definite thing for me.. My instinct never betrays me!!


Does my other half feel the same way as I do??? I surely hope so... But, hoping in insecurity, hoping without actions, just might not work.. don't they???

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