Friday, January 05, 2007

Am I Tensed???

I just seen the room that I'm going to move into..
Nice place but I wonder if I am going to be happy there.. I know I will since all in there are the craziest whackiest people in IT.. It means I won't get BORED..


It's a small room (used to be called as a w*e*b*t*e*a*m room).. I'm still ok..
There's FOURTEEN of us to be cramped in that cozy room.. Should be ok, since I'm ngam with all..
Behind my workstation, is the boss workstation.. (not my boss, but still)..
And I am still stuck with this BIG MONITOR... sigh..

No more free time surfing happily and updating my blogs freely..
No more free time chatting happily..
No more coming late, or going out early..
Have to adjust my time and strategy.. hohoho

The boss (mine) is outta my sight.. Cos she's still in the main "uptrend" area..
So, I can still nakal2.. hehehehehe

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wafaa said...

aku tak yah pindah yeay!