Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happiness vs Unhappiness??

Yesterday I bought him a nice empty card.. wrote to him what i feel for him.. basically, i'm telling him that he has nothing to be worry about, if he thinks i'm sad or in misery.. Cos i'm actually happy whenever i'm with him.. i'm happy just by looking into his eyes, see him smile, listen to him talk, walk with him.. i'm actually happy when with him.. and that's my friends, is a true fact!!

Today is a different story all over.. i'm happy that i have the chance to see him for a minute at our "usual spot".. but then, all the misery start to come one by one.. demn!!! "Amber Chia" beside me, she can be really irritating at times.. but today, i think she's being irritating since morning till after office.. wonder how my life would be if i have to be with her till the end?? touch wood laa..

Had lunch with dear Wafaa.Latiff at ayam kampung puchong.. yummy.. now havta control everything again.. i don't wanna gain weight lagi laa.. sigh.. but everything seems so tempting!! Yummy.. Dinner with Wafaa.Latiff and Rozalinda.Ghazale at Secret Recipe, Roza is soooo kind to pick us up and drove us there (since all of us are so malas to drive).. Sigh..

Called sayang just now, but as usual, no answer.. Maybe Tahlil isn't over yet.. Maybe he's just too tired since he went to TGM since morning.. Nvm, there's still tommorow, and hope the sun will shine brightly on us till evening.. Amin...


wafaa said...

berat saya 48 and it's not good. argh!

LynGhazale said...

yes i am VERY kind