Sunday, December 04, 2005


Finally.....Gosh, it's been a while..i haven't make any effort to go online for the past 1 month!! definitely, 1 month raya holiday is a no-no for me!! To sum up wut's been happenin' d whole month---->

My not-so-happy-raya
hmm, usually i'll be at ma sweet kampung for few days..urm..something like 2 days of d final Ramadhan, and 2 days of raya itself..but sadly enuff..tis year..malam raya baru sampai..and i have to come back home pagi 2nd raya..seriously, macam tak balik kampung..lucky for me...d biggie car is all's not goin', ada laa can merayau gi brisu and pengkalan balak..raya laa gaks..hmm, tis must be d most boring raya since xms falls in d whole raya month!! when i finally finished evrything, raya habis..tapi klakar gaks, someone said to me d other day..takpe2, krismas ada..memang Malaysia negara yang majmuk..:D

FiNaLS!! final started on 14th november, goes..1st paper dah macam ..tut...dunno wut happen, baca pun tak lut masuk, just hav to rely on wut i remembered from classes (as if..). few days later, d lecturer called me, she sounded sooooooo seems that ramai student dier tanak ikut tips dier..ikut tips business, their paper were like hmmm....ntah laa..dunnno bout mine..but i seriously don't know there's other tips other than hers.. my disastrous days continue each and evryday during d xms..gile sume paper pun cam apa ntah..just crossin' ma fingers and hope it'll turn out ok..

YA RABBrI....thesis ni lagi laa...submission date was during d xms, bayangkanlaaa..mana nak studi, mana nak siapkan thesis..not me alone..but all of the semester 6 students..rasenye laa..gile terkejar2..entahlaa, ppl always say that my course is like..ummm..shouldn't be in our faculty..kononnyer tak layak laa..but for matter wut course u're taking..u won't noe how well ur life gonna BACK OFF..i noe that we don't have many programming classes anymore..(one of d reason i'm taking my course)..but hell y'all are lucky to have 2 semester khas for whole semester just for proposal..and d other..just for thesis.. just try to be in our shoes..we hav to do both in 1 semester and the one who's evaluating us..ain't from our course..ntah apa ntah..ada ke lecturer A.I, or ISE yang evaluate..wonder if they noe we hav to do all in 1 semester..kalut siot!!...

1st thesis presentation..gosh i'm sooo nervous..gile panik..i don't really noe wut i said to those peeps..merapu je laa kot...from 9am to 5 pm..hehehehe..looking how the lecturers intimidating the presenters..ada yang sampai glabah giler..ada la lecturer yang baru duduk..suara dah satu bilik dengar...hehehe..lucky for me..mine is ok..lecturer tak garang..but sv is quite strict..hehehe..and i thought evrything is over laa..i can't believe it--i'm gonna present it again..whoa!! perasaan?? berbaur..rasa happy and bersyukur sbb lepas and dapat present again..tapi penat laa...ingat dah boleh rest dah..

hmm, that's how my life goes on for d whole november and part of tis early december..lepas ni, i'm officially jadi penganggur terhormat buat sementara..y? hey, i wanna take a LONG break..b4 i hav to start worrying bout jobs and all... :D

LiFE-->iT's Not ComPLiCatED..bUT ppl LoVEs tO mAKe it LoOk LiKe OnE!!!!!

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