Friday, September 09, 2005

Dedicated to ma dearest "Rocco"

Tis is ma dearest dearest cat--->Rocco..well, i have few cats before, but sadly said..some hav gone to RIP..Rocco is d second-born cat in ma house::kira abang ngah laa ni..hehehe..but rite now, he's in his "hotel" as ma family calls it..(of course, it is a nickname for d vet clinic)..

he's 5 years old now..:D swheeet!!but he's not feeling soo good tis couple of and ma mom took him to d "hotel" on wednesday::gosh, it took me a while to post somethin' bout him::he had tis wound bout 20cent coin size!! ingatkan luka gaduh ke apa..rupanya dia ada bisul..hish, cats also hav lots of "human" sickness..couple of yrs back, d first-born cat in d house::chico::kena karang gigi..somethin' like batu karang, rocco pulak sakit..

but d most sad part of him not being so well is doctor had found few signs of "sporo" virus on him..i mean-->sporo?? my gosh!! i just lost one of ma mom fav cat::dark vader::cos of tis disease!! ntah stray cat mana ntah yg cakar ma cats..if only i knew!!that cat is gonna be sooo "FIN"..i will definitely take that cat to d vet..for "PTS"..tis sporo thingy can also be transmitted to human..gosh!!and for cats, it's gonna take 'em 3-4 months to recover..sadly for dark vader, 3 months and that's it..doc can't do anything anymore..(to Dark Vader-->ma cat, and Marble-->d doc's cat::both of ya were affected wif sporo::and i hope you guys will be happy wherever you are::we're so sorry for evrything!!)

for my dearest Rocco::hope the infection won't spread to other parts of your bods..cos i don't know how ma days will be without you in d picture!! well, i still need him soooo much cos he's a good cat..he has tis habit..he..of course..sleep wif me..and if one of ma family members aren't back yet..he just won't get to bed!! funny huh::macam warden asrama..hehehe..serious!!

and if you're like doin' somethin' "naughty" like cheating on your chores or something like that..he'll start to look at ya as if he's gonna tell it to yer mom..("if only i can talk").. :D

anyway, really hope he's gonna get better soon!!!met him just now, and i kinda miss him soo much dah!!*sigh*and owh, really hope the symptoms will fade away!!

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